MS-Tanzwerk/Danceworks from Heidelberg/Germany is proud to present its latest production, Blind Date, where boy meets girl and girl meets  girl and "ever the twain shall meet." See how the chemistry of seeking and finding love turns into the complex geometry of living it. While a couple goes through the rites of spring, two women run through a catalog of wishes and yearnings in seeking their dream partner. "SWF seeks…"

Four dancers explore the question, how predictable people's bodies and spirits are and to what extent are they prepared to take  risks today, in times of ever more sophisticated and ever more rapid communications technologies, whenever they meet one another…whenever they see and feel each other. Here addressing the question is more of a challenge than answering it. But the only way to find an answer is to address the question.

MS-Tanzwerk is a group of seven people dedicated to offbeat but upbeat modern dance productions of the kind that audiences don't see every day. With generous multi-media support, MS Tanzwerk shows the impact that a small but dedicated dance ensemble can have, even in today's fast-paced world.

Blind Date has run successfully in Heidelberg, with guest appearances in Heilbronn, Dresden, Stuttgart and now in New York.

"It's incredible how it's possible to use dance in such an intelligent way to set people thinking." (Sächsische Zeitung)